2018 Toyota Camry Price, Release Date, Specs

2018 Toyota Camry Price, Release Date, Specs – Many people say that the Camry is one of the dullest cars around and that it is just an appliance. However, these are not really bad things. In fact, many people are okay with a car being an appliance. The dullness usually means that it is dependable and easy to drive and all of these are true about the 2018 Toyota Camry. This is also the reason why Toyota sold more than 400,000 Camry models last year in the US alone. This makes it the best-selling passenger car in the US and one of the best selling cars in the World.

2018 Toyota Camry Price Release Date Specs 2018 Toyota Camry Price, Release Date, Specs

2018 Toyota Camry Price, Release Date, Specs

2018 Toyota Camry Release Date

These highly incredible numbers have been achieved in years of practice. The car was not always like this but Toyota pushed through with its design and won. A new model is expected to be released with the upcoming 2018 Toyota Camry. While so far Toyota actually didn’t say a thing about the 2018 model, it seems that it will be an all-new car. Like with the all new Prius, the car will get Toyota’s new modular architecture which will eventually underpin most of their cars. This new chassis will bring more structural rigidity to the car, higher performance components as well as a lot of new features.

2018 Toyota Camry Price

It seems that the price for the 2018 Toyota Camry should be pretty much the same as before. The most basic models will cost close to $23,000 but its top-end trim levels will easily get past $35,000. Unfortunately, it seems that Toyota will drop both of its current engines. This is a shame because the 2018 Toyota Camry easily had the best naturally aspirated engines under $40,000.

2018 Toyota Camry Specs

The upcoming model will be moved to turbocharged power completely. The base model might get a new 1.5 liters 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. This could provide up to 180 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque which would be more than before. It would likely not feel any faster but the extra torque should help with overtaking by quite a bit. Also, the smaller displacement should improve its fuel consumption even further.

The older 3.5-liter engine, on the other hand, will get replaced by a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 unit. At this point, its output is still unknown. However, considering all of its competitors we do expect anything between 250 and 280 horsepower. Like before, an automatic transmission is definitely going to be offered as standard. We don’t have any official data up to this point but an 8-speed unit might be used.

2018 Toyota Camry Price Release Date 2018 Toyota Camry Price, Release Date, Specs

2018 Toyota Camry Price, Release Date, Specs

The new platform the car is going to use has to be the most interesting part about it. Being developed mostly for the Prius, this highly modular chassis should allow them to shave quite a bit of weight from the car. On top of that, the running gear that will be installed should be a lot better, both in terms of control and also comfort. The car will also feature better brakes and it will be safer in the eventuality of a crash. For the first time in its history, aluminum is going to be used in the construction of the chassis, likely suspension and also body.

That’s right! The upcoming 2018 Toyota Camry will have at least its hood made out of aluminum. Not so interesting is its future design. It seems that Toyota is expected to update the current model rather than redesigning the entire car. This would assure them that people are still going to buy the car. The downside is quite clear: they won’t innovate through anything. The Same thing is expected to happen with its cabin as well. While better materials are in order, the design is likely not going to change as much as we would like.

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